PhD student in digital innovations for increased energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment

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Deadline: 2024/0034

Mälardalen University (MDU) is the youngest university in Sweden. In line with our vision, to be a progressive and collaborative University where we shape a sustainable future together, we wish to make a difference.

Do you want to be involved and contribute to our development?

Together, we can create a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation. We believe that knowledge and new perspectives are best attained and reached together in collaboration with others – our colleagues, students, the private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally.

At the school of Business, Society and Engineering, our students study for, among other things, university and civil engineers, political scientists and economists. With us, the research focuses are industrial economics and organization and the energy of the future. Our work takes place in collaboration and in strategic agreements with companies, organizations and authorities in the region.

Employment information

Employment: Temporary employment
Scope: Full time
Number of positions: 1
Closing date for application: 2024-06-20
Campus location: Västeras
School: School of Business, Society and Engineering, (EST)

Access to third-cycle courses and study programmes at a higher education education as well as basic eligibility requirements and assessment criteria, are regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 7 §§ 34–41(SFS 1993:100). More information about third-cycle studies at MDU

A full-time employment as a doctoral student is attached to this third-cycle studies which corresponds to four years. 

Position description

Sweden's youngest university is expanding, and now we develop our educational programs in building technology, including a new exciting MSc program. Digitization and AI will be important elements in addition to the traditional offer, and where new knowledge is needed. At the same time, the research within our Future Energy Center is focused on resilient, sustainable, and digitalized societies where buildings constitute an important building block. Now we are looking for a person that besides conducting ground-breaking research, also wants and have the ability to work closely together with industry to create additional added values via collaboration and co-production.

This position is designed for the PhD student to be involved in exploring the opportunities and barriers that arise when the community planning and building processes are digitized, and at the same time the conditions need to be created to integrate new innovations into this ecosystem at an increasingly faster pace. Depending on the PhD student's background, the research can be focused on different stages in the processes, ranging from early urban planning to the actual operational phases of the buildings. It is also interesting to understand how different digital tools can create added value in different phases of the building process, where information and data are collected, stored, shared and can be used to, for example, understand buildings and/or districts energy and environmental footprint over time.

The employment includes taking responsibility for carrying out their doctoral education in accordance with the individual study plan that exists for each doctoral student. The doctoral position is carried out within the doctoral education subject energy and environmental technology.

The PhD candidate will benefit from a stimulating research environment, close collaboration with experts, and potential teaching and supervision opportunities of master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The position duration is 4-5 years, with adjustments based on departmental duties. Anticipated research outputs include publication in scientific communication platforms, active participation in conferences, and knowledge exchange and engagement with various stakeholders.                           


For basic eligibility, the following is required:

  • A degree at an advanced level.
  • At least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 are at an advanced level.
  • Equivalent knowledge acquired in Sweden or abroad through other means.

Specific eligibility requirements include having one of the following:

  • Completed a Master of Science in Engineering in a relevant technical field
  • Completed a four-year natural science program with technical content equivalent to a Master of Science in Engineering
  • Acquired knowledge of substantially the same scope through other means, either within or outside the country.

We are looking for someone with excellent skills in English, both written and spoken.

Assessment criteria

Prior to employment, consideration must be given to the ability to assimilate third-cycle courses and study programmes at a higher education. In addition to this capability, particular emphasis will be placed on the following:

  • A master's degree (MSc) in engineering or other relevant field with a focus on:
    • Energy and resource efficiency in buildings and the built environment,
    • Life cycle analysis linked to sustainable construction
    • Urban planning, digitization possibilities in different phases of a building's life cycle (planning, construction, operation and maintenance and renovation).
  • Experience with programming languages ​​and tools for processing and analyzing data such as Python, R, MATLAB or equivalent.


  • Experience using modeling and simulation tools such as GIS, BIM, CAD tools and/or energy modeling tools
  • Publications in relevant fields that demonstrate the ability to conduct and publish high-quality research and communicate results effectively.
  • Experience of teaching and/or supervising students in construction technology.
  • Skills in Swedish, both spoken and written.

In an overall assessment of suitability, emphasis is also placed on personal abilities. All employees at MDU are expected to cooperate and treat colleagues and students with respect, take responsibility for the organisation and their own work duties and contribute to a positive work environment.

We are looking for someone with high motivation and strong initiative. You should be able to work independently and be thorough, structured, analytical, and solution-oriented. Additionally, you need to be clear and engaged in your communication, be an active listener, and receptive to receiving and giving feedback. You are focused on achieving goals and strive to deliver high quality, which you achieve through prioritization, planning, and action. You also need to be flexible and adaptable.

We value the qualities that an even distribution of age and gender, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity, can contribute to the organization.


Application is made online. Make your application by clicking the "Apply" button below.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and will reach the University no later than closing date for application.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Union representatives:

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We decline all contact with recruiters and salespersons of advertisements. We have made our strategic choices for this recruitment.

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