Doctoral student in geobiosphere science with focus on physical geography and ecosystems analysis, Lund University

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Doctoral student in geobiosphere science with focus on physical geography and ecosystems analysis

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, 2013-01-31
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences (Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis Unit), Lund
First day of employment: 2012-02-01
Official Records Number: NPA 2011/728

Job assignments

The PhD candidate has to derive statistical and mechanistic relationships describing the phenology of trees grasses and shrubs in savanna areas of northern Africa. This work involves the generation of a conceptual model in the computing language Matlab in which the (assumed) relationships from the literature or other models have to be implemented relating the phenology to the soil water content, and the climatic conditions. This model needs furthermore to be parameterized and validated with ground data from a number of flux sites as well as remotely sensed NDVI data. The parameterized and validated model needs to be implemented into the LPJ-GUESS model, and a number of simulation runs on Linux based computing clusters have to be performed and evaluated.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

Master in Physics or Physical Geography and Ecosystem analysis with specialization on Biogeochemical cycles or climate change. Substantial knowledge required also in the fields of hydrology, ecology and soil science.
The following qualities are regarded as important for the selection of a candidate:
* Programming experience, particularly in Matlab.
* Experience in modeling of climate driven dynamical systems, their development, parameterization and validation.
* Experience in digital remote sensing.
* Experience in Geographical information systems.
* Experience in Linux computing (required for simulations on high performance cluster)
The applicants are expected to hold a university degree (preferably MSc. or equivalent) in natural sciences. A degree in subjects like Geology, Geochemistry, Geography or Aquatic Ecology is preferable. Documented experience in field studies is an advantage.

Basis of Assessment

Regulations for Ph.D. positions will be found in SFS regulations 1998:80 (in Swedish). This position can only be appointed to a person eligible for postgraduate studies. Particular emphasis for admission shall be placed upon the applicant's ability to successfully complete postgraduate studies, as indicated by academic qualifications and merits. Apart from postgraduate education, the successful applicant may be assigned other duties within undergraduate teaching, research, and administrative work according to special regulations.


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