VAC-2021-39 - PhD Position in Structural Mechanics Group: “Analysis and failure prediction of...

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2021

Title of the PhD project: Analysis and failure prediction of engineering composite structures under cyclic loads

Most engineering structures are usually made with metallic materials. The main drawbacks of using these materials are their durability due to corrosion problems, and the high maintenance cost associated to the protection of the structure against corrosion and the difficulties to access to the structure. Composite materials are an excellent alternative, as they have an excellent corrosion performance in harsh environments, as well as they have excellent mechanical properties. These materials have also an excellent response to cyclic loads, which are one of the main actions on these structures. However, the fatigue failure of composite materials is a subject that is still under study, and there is yet no analysis procedure that can predict accurately their response.

Based on these premises, the main aim of the PhD study will be to develop a numerical tool to predict the fatigue failure of large composite structures subjected to cyclic loads. This tool will allow the reduction of the uncertainty related to the performance of such structures and the safety factors on their design and defined laminate thicknesses. Reducing the composite thickness implies a reduction on the weight of such structures and more reliable designs, which is beneficial from both points of view, both economic and environmental.

The functions assigned to the candidate will be:

  • Complete a PhD on Structural Analysis doctoral program at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech. The candidate is expected to complete the PhD thesis in a maximum of three years.
  • Collaborate with various research groups within CIMNE and worldwide.
  • To publish a minimum of two papers in JCR journals during the PhD period, author and co-author articles in high-impact international journals
  • Carry out quality research, training and management.
  • Participate on the dissemination and outreach activities associated with the project
  • Participate in international conferences presenting her/his work

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