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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 16 Apr 2021

About UIC Barcelona

UIC Barcelona is currently home to around 8,000 students and offers 16 bachelor’s degrees, 30 international double degrees and a wide range of master’s and postgraduate degrees, as well as continuing education courses in various fields of knowledge. Since 1997, we have been teaching students based on a model of academic rigour, a fulfilling university life and enriching life experiences. The UIC Barcelona team consists of professionals who are qualified not only in their field of teaching, but also in research, management, administration, communication, services and systems. Beyond the professionalism of each individual, at UIC Barcelona, you will be joining a young and dynamic working atmosphere.

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What we are looking for

The Department of Nursing has several teaching and research positions available, so we are looking for lecturers at different stages of their academic career who want to join us to undertake research, teaching and management tasks.

Junior candidates will be able to join our current research lines. Senior candidates will be able to join our team according to their own research proposals, aligned with the Department and continuing to work with other researchers they already work with.

Therefore, candidates will form part of our teaching and research team at the Department of Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, renowned for its educational innovation and research projects in health education and for contributing its vision from the perspective of critically ill and hospitalised patients.

The Emerging Research Group in Health Education UIC Barcelona is an interdisciplinary and educationally innovative research group, whose main lines of research include:

  • Healthcare education: improving healthcare knowledge and its determining factors, on the one hand for specific population groups (population at social risk, carers and maternal-childhood and family environments) and on the other hand, to educate people (mainly chronically ill and complex patients) as well as equipping future healthcare professionals to become healthcare trainers.
  • Professional Healthcare Education: research related to innovative learning methodologies which achieve professional excellence among doctors and nurses at the university from day one, as well as encouraging professional maturity. The field of research covers clinical professional and cross-disciplinary competences, placing an emphasis on safe care praxis for patients and relational competences (teamwork, communication and emotional intelligence), self-management, prioritisation and decision-making in a healthcare environment, including complex situations.
  • (https://www.uic.es/es/grupos-de-investigacion/ciencias-salud/educacion-salud-uic-barcelona )

    Candidates will also be able to join the line of research on caring for polypathological patients with a focus on critically ill and hospitalised patients.

    They will teach on the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, mainly in the area of critically ill and hospitalised patients, as well as on the University Master's Degree in Urgent and Emergency Care. If candidates have a native or C1 English level, they may teach in English on the international nursing specialisation of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

    The Department’s main objective is to educate the best healthcare professionals by providing them the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills. The candidate will actively participate in promoting teaching excellence in the area of critically ill and hospitalised patients.

    Key responsibilities

    • Teach classes in the field of critical and hospitalised patients

    • Participation in departmental projects

    • Conducting research in the field of health education


    • To have a PhD and demonstrable research history, preferably with three to four international publications published in Q1 or Q2 JCR journals.
    • To have experience in caring for critically ill and hospitalised patients.

    Assessment criteria

    The following aspects of the candidate’s CV will be evaluated:

    Knowledge and professional experience

    • Experience teaching at degree level (candidates with experience teaching at master’s or postgraduate level will be highly valued).
    • Recognised experience in the field of critically ill and hospitalised patients.
    • Advanced knowledge of innovative teaching methodologies.
    • Official accreditation by quality agencies (such as AQU, ANECA or equivalent), or sufficient quality indicators to obtain it (in the latter case, the candidate will receive the Department of Nursing's’ full support for processing their accreditation).
    • Mastery of oral and written English.
    • Fluency in Catalan or Spanish will be valued.


    • An interest in cooperating on teaching and research projects that are being carried out at the Department.
    • Proven management, multidisciplinary work and teamwork abilities.
    • Interpersonal communication skills.
    • A long-term commitment to the University.

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