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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 27 Feb 2021

The LIFEBRAIN H2020 project, coordinated by the Oslo University, includes health-related and neuromaging (mainly MRI) data from longitudinal cohort studies of 8 different European countries. The overarching objectives are to identify psychological, biological and lifestyle factors associated brain mechanisms explaining maintenance of brain and mental health across the lifespan. The University of Barcelona LIFEBRAIN partner is looking for a postdoctoral researcher with proved experience in MRI and functional MRI data analysis in particular, with published experience in the study of how modifiable factors and lifestyles may promote cognitive functions in aging, within the study of the theoretical frameworks of the ‘cognitive reserve’ and ‘brain maintenance’ hypotheses. Further, the candidate should demonstrate a strong background in medicine-biological disciplines including molecular biology and genetics, in order to be able to develop one of the challenges of this project, focused on elucidating biological pathways through which resistance/resilience mechanisms act in aging.


FBG project number

Healthy minds from 0-100 years: Optimising the use of European brain imaging cohorts

David Bartrés Faz

Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Required documents

Application letter, Curriculum vitae, etc.

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David Bartrés Faz

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Lifebrain Postdoctoral

Gross salary per year 31.000€ 

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