Postdoc position in Curbatheri project (Spain)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 May 2022

The objective of CURBATHERI project (Ref. PCI2020-112069) is to develop a management toolbox that considers historical urban transformation as a source of heritage values and concepts. The development of this toolkit is based on cross-cutting research for comparable analysis in Norway, UK, Italy and Spain that integrates conceptual solutions defined by consensus- based participatory approaches and innovative digital heritage modelling.

The toolbox is expected to facilitate the conceptualization of heritage values among stakeholders for the prioritization of best planning solutions. Both the theoretical and practical contributions of the project aim to stimulate reflection on the choices on how to use urban heritage affected by historical transformation in urban planning. All in all, using these choices as a tool for enabling dialogue will stimulate reflection on how to make room for different ways of implementing time and temporality in future cities.


urban heritage, historic transformation, curating change, management toolbox

Position description

The tasks to be carried out by the person appointed will consist of those of support to the PI and development of the project, as well as the tasks related to research and data analysis. This reaches the coordination of the fieldwork and implementation of the tools proposed in the work packages (management toolbox). The person appointed will also collaborate with the PI in the editing and writing of documents and in the working of materials. He or she will be responsible for communication and management with local partners and organize the activities of contact with citizens. The appointee will also organize a workshop in Barcelona related to the aims of the project and will also undertake other administrative tasks as required by the PI and the project. He or she will also be responsible for coordinating scientific publications in conjunction with other international partners of the CURBATHERI-Deep Cities International JPI partnership.

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