Post-doctoral Fellowship 2021-22

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Jun 2021

The Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (located in the School of Economics at the University of Barcelona) seeks to fill up to two post-doctoral fellowships on comparative politics linked to an European Research Council-financed five-year research project on a cross-national historical comparison of electoral systems, electoral behaviour and party systems in advanced democracies. The Principal Investigator is Professor CarlesBoix and includes scientific collaboration with major centres of research in Europe and the United States.

The Principal Investigator is looking for young political scientists, historians, sociologists or economists – preferably with strong quantitative skills. The candidates must be in possessionofthe PhD bySeptember 1, 2020. The position willhave a durationoftheacademicyear 2021-22 (September 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022). Thestipend, commensuratewiththosefor postdoctoral researchers in Spain, will be of 30,000 euros fortheduration of the whole contract.

The selected postdoctoral fellows will be required to be in residence for the entire 2021- 22 academic year, starting September 1.

The research program is focused on the emergence of mass parties, the choice of electoral institutions, and the final crystallization of different party systems in Europe and North America during the transition to mass democracy (1850-1940). The project will combine innovative statistical, historical and geocoding techniques to explain the formation of diverse party systems as the outcome of political choices made at particular critical junctures that involved the creation of nonsocialist and socialist parties, the mobilization of their corresponding electorates, and the strategic response of political elites (often through the manipulation of electoral laws and sometimes through the creation of new electoral coalitions).

Interested candidates may contact the principal investigator for more details by email: .Candidates for the positions should submit: a cover letter, CV, a three-tofive-page description of their research accomplishments and interests, one paper and the name of two references. For full consideration, all applications should be submitted beforeJune 1. However, applications will continue to be reviewed until positions are filled. Please send your application material to: Ms. Anna Alsina, Institutions and Political Economy Research Group, University of Barcelona, .


Partydemocracy - GA Nº 694318

FBG project number


Project title

The Birth of Party Democracy


CarlesBoix Serra


Department of Economy and Business – UB

Gross salary per year

30.000euros (academic year )

Required documents

Application letter, Curriculum vitae, etc.

Send your application to:



Anna Alsina

email subject

Post-doc Fellowship IPErG

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