PhD student in optics and acoustics

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Sep 2022

Are you fascinated by optics and ultrasound? Do you want to develop new technologies for high-speed light focusing using acoustic fields? Are you holding a master degree in Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering? A PhD position within the framework of an ERC-CoG is available!

The position is offered at the Dynamic Optical Systems Lab at Universitat de Barcelona ( ).

Subcellular light focusing is the primary enabler of several characterization, diagnosis, and treatment tools in biomedicine and life sciences, including microscopy and spectroscopy techniques or phototherapies. However, limited by the scattering of light, current approaches are only optimized to operate at depths below a fraction of a millimeter inside biological tissue. The project aims to develop an original non-invasive strategy to focus light inside tissue at a millimeter depth (or above) and in real-time while maintaining subcellular (micrometric) spatial confinement. Specifically, by exploiting the deep penetration of ultrasound and its ability to modify the optical properties of a sample locally, we will generate in-situ virtual endoscopes that will act as embedded optical lenses or waveguides inside living tissue, thus redirecting light toward a deeper focus.

The PhD candidate's main task will be experimental – development of ultrasound generation methods, coupling of light into ultrasonic endoscopes – with some modeling. She/he will actively participate in group activities (journal clubs and group meetings, mentoring undergraduate students) and receive extensive mentorship in manuscript preparation and grant writing.

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