PhD student in optical methods

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Apr 2021

Are you fascinated by light? Do you want to develop next-generation optical microscopy methods to visualize life unfolding in real-time inside organ-mimicking environments? Are you holding a PhD degree in Physics, Chemistry or Engineering? A PhD position within the framework of a European collaborative project (FET-Open Organvision) is available!

The position is offered at the Dynamic Optical Systems Lab at Universitat de Barcelona ( ).

The project aims to develop a revolutionary imaging platform for characterizing miniaturized tissue-like constructs called organoids. Organoids are central players in personalized medicine and new drug discovery. Unfortunately, we lack a tool for visualizing and modeling real-time dynamic cellular events in the three-dimensional (3D) tissue-like context of organoids. We plan to fill this void by generating custom-designed 3D illumination patterns combined with a new-multiphysics solver and artificial intelligence.

The PhD candidate main task will be experimental – implementation and design of fast 3D illumination systems, plus data collection and analysis. She/he will also participate in modeling light propagation in different media. The candidate will actively participate in the project consortium meetings and will receive extensive mentorship in manuscript preparation and grant writing. The possibility for a short-term visit (up to 3 months) in one of the consortium members' labs will be offered.



FBG project number


Project title

Technology for real-time visualizing and modeling of fundamental process in living organoids towards new insights into òrgan specific health, disease, and recovery


Martí Duocastella


Department of Applied Physics

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Application letter, Curriculum vitae, etc.

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Marti Duocastella

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OrganVision Phd Student

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