PhD in Biosciencies

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 05 Dec 2022

1. Curricular assessment of merits and skills (0-55 puntos)

a) Programming languages: R, Python, Bash and UNIX. Anaconda and Docker environments (0-20 points).

b) Development of algorithms for data analysis of omics techniques (RNA-seq, DNA-seq, proteomics, metabolomics, single-cell, microarrays, etc.); data modelling using machine learning and deep learning techniques; de novo assembly of genomes; discovery of fusion transcripts; analysis of alternative splicing; generation of VCF files (Freebayes algorithm). (0-20 points)

c) Knowledge of haematological pathologies (0-5 points)

d) Publications in scientific journals (0-5 points)

e) Project development and management (0-2 points)

f) Languages (0-1 points)

g) Certificate of Disability: 0-2 puntos

2. Personal interview (0-20 puntos.)

The selection process will be governed by the principles of publicity, equality, merit and ability, aselection body will be set up for this purpose, made up of representatives of the research group and ofthe IBSAL Technical research group and the Technical Management Unit of the IBSAL.

The selection process will consist of two phases:

1. Phase of analysis and curricular evaluation of all the applications received, classifying them on thebasis of the best adaptation of the CV to the established profile and the fulfilment of the requirements.

2. Personal Interview: The three candidates with the highest scores in Phase 1 will be called. Providedthat the score in Phase 1 exceeds half plus one.

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