One vacant position for a full time Post-graduate university assistant, (PhD candidate) in the area...

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 14 Sep 2021

Expert in co-creation methodologies with users and Design Thinking for open innovation processes in digital transformation.

Expert in functional analysis, design, architectures and implementation of emerging technology solutions for Big Data, cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, complex microservices and semantic technologies for healthcare and industrial environments.

Expert in the development of strategic plans and R + D + i methodologies to transfer innovation and applied research with a business perspective,

Experience in integration approaches for Research-Industry, intellectual property rights in technology development and new data protection legislation.

It will be valued:

High-level communication skills and the ability to network effectively and interact with a wide range of multidisciplinary researchers, industry leaders, students, and staff.

Demonstrated capacity for excellence and leadership in research.

Demonstrated experience in the presentation of written works (articles in magazines and conferences) and orally (conferences, etc.)

Work experience in the private sector.

Ability to work in a multitasking environment and for high problem solving.


  • It is essential that the candidate indicates the Offer Code (2021CJUN32) in the subject line of the email in order to be evaluated.
  • The resolution of the offer will be published on
  • The results will be communicated by e-mail to all candidates who have applied for the offer. They will have 5 working days to appeal against this resolution to the address .

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