PhD position for Smart materials for medical applications (INTELMAT) 39PCCDI/2018 project

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 10 Aug 2020

The general conditions of participation in the contest, according to the legislation in force, are:

a) has Romanian citizenship, citizenship of other member states of the European Union or of the states belonging to the European Economic Area and domicile in Romania;

b) knows the Romanian language, written and spoken;

c) has the minimum age regulated by the legal provisions;

d) has full exercise capacity;

e) has a state of health corresponding to the position for which he / she is applying, attested on the basis of the medical certificate issued by the family doctor or by the authorized health units;

f) meets the conditions of studies and, as the case may be, of seniority or other specific conditions according to the requirements of the position put up for competition;

g) has not been definitively convicted of an offense against humanity, against the State or against an authority, on duty or in connection with the service, which impedes the administration of justice, forgery or acts of corruption or an intentional offense, which would make it incompatible with the exercise of the function, unless rehabilitation has taken place.

The documents required for registration are:

a) application for registration addressed to the Rector of UPB;

b) copy of the identity document or any other document certifying the identity, according to the law, as the case may be;

c) copies of documents attesting the level of studies (baccalaureate, bachelor, master);

d) the work book or, as the case may be, the certificates attesting the seniority in work, in copy;

e) the criminal record or a statement on his / her own responsibility that he / she has no criminal record that would make him / her incompatible with the position for which he / she is running;

f) medical certificate attesting the appropriate state of health issued no later than 6 months prior to the contest by the candidate's family doctor or by the authorized health units;

g) curriculum vitae.

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