Research Grant - Notice no. BII/5/FF/2022

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 30 Jul 2022

a) Form containing the candidate's identification (available on the Faculty's website);

b) Curriculum Vitae containing the information necessary for the evaluation of the application;

c) Proof of enrollment in a Masters or Integrated Masters or substitutive declaration of honor (available on the Faculty's website);

d) Declaration on honor that there is no professional activity or service provision that violates the duty of exclusive dedication (available on the Faculty's website);

e) Other supporting documents considered relevant.

Candidate Merit: Aims to assess compliance with the formal requirements required in the Opening Notice, but also to consider the suitability of the scientific area of ​​training and/or specialization, training and professional experience.

• Adequacy of the Scientific Training Area (AACF): Maximum weighting of 30%

o Degree in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biochemistry or related areas (L) – 0 to 20 values

o Be enrolled in the Masters in Medicinal Chemistry and Biopharmaceuticals or related areas (M) – 0 to 20 points

• Training and Experience (FE): Maximum weighting of 40%

o Experience in Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Synthesis) (ELQO) - 0 to 20 values

o Practice in structural identification methodologies (NMR, mass spectrometry) and in analytical methodologies (HPLC) (PMIEMA) - 0 to 20 values

o Chemical and Metabolic Stability Assessment (EMEA) - 0 to 20 values

• Specific Competencies for the Proposed Work Plan (CEPTP): Maximum weighting of 30%

o Experience in the use of chemical structure design programs and molecular property prediction programs (EUPDEQPPPM) – 0 to 20 values

o Mastery of image and data analysis software (DPIAID) – 0 to 20 values

o Proficiency in English (DLI) – 0 to 20 values.

Final classification: The score obtained in the final classification results from the sum of the points obtained in the Candidate's Merit, an individual form being filled out for each candidate.

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