Research Grant for master’s degree or Integrated Master's Degree Students - (BL196/2021)

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 22 Nov 2021

Workplan: The work plan fits in the PPS1 - INDÚSTRIA SUSTENTÁVEL E CIRCULAR do Projecto Mobilizador Produtech 4S&C, in the activities 1.1 - Data Driven Sustainability Assessment (Sustain 4.0) and 1.2 - Strategies and approaches for "zero emission, zero waste":

1) Collecting and processing data related to sustainability assessment and Lean&Green indicators

2) Elaboration of solutions for the application of Lean&Green logics

3) Supporting workshops with industrial partners to build a preliminary validation of approaches leading to Sustain 4.0 - Sustainability Assessment based on data, and Lean&Green methodologies

4) Support in the development of deliverables and Milestone report

5) This work plan is relevant to the progress of studies related to the course that does not confer an academic degree, related to the increase of scientific competences and research methods.

This work plan will be interlinked with the development of the master’s thesis.

Duration: The research fellowship will have a duration of 6 months, expected to start in December 2021. The scholarship contract cannot be renewed

It is mandatory to formalize applications with the submission of the following documents: i) B1 Form – Fellowship application ( ); ii) Curriculum Vitae; iii) academic degree certificate, where applicable; iv) proof of enrollment at an academic degree course (Master, Integrated Master); v) motivation letter;

Applications must be submitted to the email:

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