Research fellowship for PhD students (BI)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 06 Oct 2021

A call is open for the allocation of 1 (one) research fellowship for PhD students (BI), within the R&D Project “MIRAASSETS - Sistema de gestão estrutural de ativos industriais”, co-financed by the Portugal 2020 Program (PT 2020), in the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Center (CENTRO 2020) and the European Union through the Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER), taking place at the Instituto de Telecomunicações – Covilhã Delegation of the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã (Portugal) ( ), under the following conditions:

Research Field: Computational Engineering


This activity brings together two tasks (T1.2 and T2.3) from two activities (A1 and A2) of the MiraASSETS project. Task T1.2 aims to perform an analysis of data organization topologies for subsequent application to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) models in SHM (Structural Health Monitoring), with application to industrial metallic structures. Task T2.3 aims to develop algorithms to detect and support the diagnosis of anomalous load and deterioration situations in industrial metallic structures.

Work plan:

Task T1.2 - Analysis of data organization topologies for later application to Machine Learning and AI models

Start date: 10/01/2021 | Completion date: 12/31/2021

This task aims to survey the state of the art, inventorying the best practices in data recording in this area of ​​the industry, and inventorying the various AI models that can be applied to each of the types of sensors and data to be used. Additionally, this inventory of resources and their analysis will consider their applicability and relative efficiencies for the project, considering, for example, the specific circumstances of the state of the art, and the continuous application scenario provided for in the project, as it is known that often the laboratory scenarios described in the state of the art are not comparable to real use scenarios.

Results forecast : 1 SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) survey that includes discussion and solutions for industrial steel structures.

Task T2.3 - Development of algorithms to detect and support the diagnosis of anomalous situations

Start date: 01/01/2022 | Completion date: 09/30/2022

This task consists of developing and adapting a set of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, which will then be used in each of the real use scenarios. It is known that the data fusion that will be implemented in the project results in the fact that different usage circumstances require different sets of algorithms. With this result in consideration, this task consists in implementing the algorithms selected in task T1.2. Finally, this task includes building the consensus oracle, and integrating it with the various AI engines chosen.

Results forecast : 1 Python code that implements one of the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) of industrial metallic structures; 1 scientific article to be published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.

Work location:

The work will be developed at the Instituto de Telecomunicações – Delegação da Covilhã, da Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, under the scientific supervision of Professor Abel João Padrão Gomes ( ).

Fellowship duration and conditions:

The fellowship is opened for 12 months and is expected to start in October 2021.

The activity is in regime of exclusive dedication in accordance with the .

Receipt of applications:

Applications should be addressed to Doctor Abel João Padrão Gomes, Principal Investigator of the project MiraASSETS, to email address , with the subject “MiraAssets BI#1 – Application”.

Documents for application:

The candidates should present:

. Motivation letter;

. Detailed Curriculum Vitae;

. Certificate of completion of the previous degrees;

. Other documents considered relevant;

. Declaration of honour from the candidate stating, that he/she meets the conditions for being award the scholarship BI according to Article 6 of the RBIUBI.

Selection Committee:

Applications will be assessed by a panel as follows:

President: Doctor Abel João Padrão Gomes

Effective members:

Doctor Nuno Manuel Garcia dos Santos

Doctor Frutuoso Gomes Mendes da Silva

Substitute members:

Doctor Paulo André Pais Fazendeiro

Doctor Nuno Gonçalo Coelho Costa Pombo

Publication/notification of results:

The results of the evaluation process will be published in a sorted list, by the final classification obtained, and posted in a visible and public place of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Beira Interior. The candidate(s) will be notified of the decision by e-mail.

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