Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 22 Oct 2021

The application selection methods will consist in Curricular Evaluation (CE), considering the requirements identified in this notice, as follows:

a) Absolut merit of academic training, or qualification level certified by the competent authorities, valued from 1 to 20 points (40%);

b) Previous experience in areas directly related to the work plan and adequacy of the candidate’s profile to the presented requirements, valued from 1 to 20 points (35%);

c) Proposal for research project (in conformity with the scientific field of this notice), valued from 1 to 20 points. (15%)

d) Motivation letter, valued from 1 to 20 points (10%);

In this sense, the classification formula for the relative positioning of candidates will be CE = M*0,4+PE*0,35+P*0,15+ML*0,1, whereas M is absoute merit, PE is previous experience and adequacy of the candidate to the work plan, P is the proposal for research project, and ML is the motivation letter and other relevant characteristics presented by the candidate for the work to be developed and the availability to start work.

If the jury considers pertinent, the candidates may be called for an interview.

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