Team Member with scientific title – senior researcher position

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Deadline: 12 Dec 2019


Position in the project: Team Member with scientific title – senior researcher position

Scientific discipline: Biological sciences

Job type (employment contract/stipend): Employment contract ¼ position

Number of job offers: 1

Remuneration/stipend amount/month (“X0 000 PLN of full remuneration cost, i.e. expected net salary at X 000 PLN”): 4000 PLN gross (~2200 PLN net)

Position starts on: January / February 2020

Maximum period of contract/stipend agreement: 36 months

Institution: University of Lodz, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology

Project leader: Prof. Andrzej Trochimczuk

Project title: Multifunctional composites biologically active for applications in regenerative medicine of bone system

Project is carried out within the TEAM NET programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Project description: The aim of the project is to develop new polymer-ceramic composite biomaterials designed for applications in bone regenerative medicine. As a result of multidisciplinary cooperation of all research teams, implants for bone tissue regeneration and bone stabilizing implants covered with innovative coating materials that release bioactive growth factors and anti-inflammatory components will be developed.

The biological studies carried out by the University of Lodz is aimed to assure the biosafety and, among others, antimicrobial, proregenerative, immunomodulating efficacy of obtained composites and implants which will be evaluated in complex cell models (in vitro) and animal models (in vivo), in accordance with current international standards

Key responsibilities include:

Research tasks:

1.Preparation of the application to the Local Animal Committee and receiving the approval for conducting in vivo experiments included in the project.

2.Participation in preparation of in vivo study protocols planned in the project (estimation of the number of animals, methodology, optimization of all animal models).

3.Participation in in vivo and in vitro experiments conducted in the project.

4.Supervising the doctoral student, verifying a progress in the preparation of the doctoral dissertation.articipation in in vivo and in vitro experiments conducted in the project.

5.Participation in preparing the publication strategy of doctoral students.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

1. Doctoral degree or post-doctoral degree in biological or related sciences.

2. Fluent spoken and written English.

3. Confirmed documentation (license) authorizing valid candidate’s permission to conduct in vivo experiments using laboratory animals (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits).

4. International scientific achievements (including publications in leading journals in the field of biological or related sciences, in which the candidate was the first or corresponding author).

5. Experience in working on animal models (in vivo and in vitro) supported by publications.

6. Documented work experience in scientific research projects and research and development projects (include a role in the project).

 7. A minimum 6-month internship in a reputable scientific unit in the field of biological research (country different than the country of origin).

Required documents:

1. CV of the candidate max. 3 A4 page

2. Copy of the diploma certifying obtaining a doctoral degree or post-doctoral degree in biological or related sciences (if applicable)

3. List of publications and research projects with an indication of the role in the project

4. Copy of the valid license authorizing candidate’s permission to conduct invivo experiments using laboratory animals (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits).

We offer: Opportunity to work in young and experienced scientific team in the well-equipped laboratories and animal plant. Possibility to work in the interdisciplinary Project and set up further collaborations/projects in the field.

Research team financed by the TEAM NET programme can include at least 1 young PhD, 2 PhD students during 36 months.

Please submit the following documents ; please add CzTN TEAM NET/2019 in the title of e-mail

Application deadline: Recruitment process shall include two phases:

  • Application submission: 12 December 2019
  • An interview in English with selected Candidates: end of December 2019
  • The participants of the recruitment process have the right to appeal within 7 days of receipt of feedback from the Scientific and Economic Committee (SEC) or the recruitment commission. In response to the appeal, will be set up an appeal committee, whose opinion is necessary when approving the recruitment protocols by the Foundation of Polish Science.

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