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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 12 Sep 2021

Project title: Neuroimaging analysis for surgical planning and correlation with genetics

Publication date:

Closing date: 12.09.2021

Level of education: Master's degree

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary indication: 7500 PLN gross monthly (raised to 8000 PLN gross following a periodic review)


Sano: Dr. Alessandro Crimi (Computer Vision Data Science Research Group Leader)

Project start: September 2021

Degree Awarding Institution: TBC

This project will provide methods and technologies to aid surgical planning of glioblastoma and similar diseases.

Neuroimaging has led to effective planning of the surgery preserving in functional brain areas as language and movements. However, despite the progress long and short term recovery of patients preserving relevant brain function is still challenging. Recently, new techniques have been introduced to study brain structures and function representing the brain as a graph. Moreover, to plan even more accurately surgery and patient treatment, neuroimaging could be linked to genetic information rather than just simpler clinical information.

For this project, we aim at aiding surgical planning or at least shed new insights into preserving brain areas as language. The resulting analysis will integrate complex networks analysis, clinical outcome and genetics.

We will correlated brain connectivity measures with deficit, plasticity and genetic traits.

Ultimately, a VR/AR environment combining tractography/connectomics and genomics can be developed, or related to existing reality working in this field.

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