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Deadline: 28 Feb 2019

  • Description of the position
  • BEACs: new allotropic forms of carbon. Synthesis, doping, and electronic and adsorption properties.

    In this project, we aim to develop and deploy novel allotropic form of carbon, Graphdiynes and Graphynes, called by us BEACs. They are comprised entirely with benzene ring linked via alkyne bridges. Frequently BEACs are considered as derivatives of graphene; however, they have structural properties that are distinct from those of graphene. They are not as resistant as graphene, and have lower thermal conductivity. On the other hand, BEACs are considered in electronic and electronic applications as they are semiconductors with narrow bandgap (0.6eV). These materials are still quite mysterious with many undiscovered properties and possible applications. With this project we are going to discover some of them, particularly we are interested in their adsorption properties. We will investigate these materials as a potential remedy for a greenhouse effect, as we believe that BEACs due to their chemical structure and physicochemical properties could adsorb large amounts of greenhouse gases. Other undiscovered features of BEACs are their magnetism and possible superconductivity (zero electrical conductivity below one characteristic temperature, called superconductive transition temperature). We assume that appropriately doped BEACs will present superconductive features.


    1. MSc degree in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Material Science.

    2. Experience or knowledge in laboratory work.

    3. Very good knowledge of English.

    4. Very good computer skills (MS Office, Origin, etc)

    5. Team work skills

    We offer:

    1. Monthly scholarship approximately 3000 PLN for 36 months,

    2. Work in a renowned laboratory and an international team.

    3. Foreign trips (conferences, internships, trainings),

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    2. Cover letter, describing Candidate motivation.

    3. M.Sc. certificate.

    4. Information on scientific publications, scholarships, prizes, and awards or other relevant documents demonstrating the excellence of Candidate.

    5. A list of attended conferences with titles and authors of presentations.

    6. A personal data processing agreement.

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    Keywords: Graphyne, Graphdiyne, functionalization, electronic doping, adsorption, carbonaceous materals

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