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Deadline: 09 Oct 2022

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Background: Magnons have recently been considered a new candidate for coherent

quantum information processing, where magnon-photon interactions can be achieved via

magnetic dipoles. Magnons are the collective excitation of spins in magnetic materials.

Their frequency range lies from GHz to THz. Magnetic materials can provide much

larger coupling strength and cooperativity because they have spin densities four to six

orders of magnitude higher than in spin ensembles. This means magnons can exchange

information faster and for more cycles before losing coherency while keeping the device

dimension small.


On-chip integration and miniaturization on a nanoscale are required to implement the

high spin density magnetic materials into practical quantum devices. To achieve this

goal, many fundamental physics and technological issues must be addressed, such as 1)

Does the magnon-photon coupling scales as we systematically reduce the dimensions of

the magnetic element into the nanoscale regime? 2) Are their critical dimensions of

magnetic elements where magnon-photon coupling enhances or reduces? 3) Can we tune

the magnon-photon interaction via periodic nano structurization?


- Master’s degree in physics (or an equivalent that qualifies one for PhD studies in

physics in the country of issue).

- To be employed, the candidate must be accepted into the PhD school in which the

Institute of Physics participates. Applications for the position are through recruitment to

the School, online at

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