PhD position in unconventional computing with nanomagnets

Updated: 30 days ago

In our research group at The Department of Electronic Systems (NTNU, Trondheim), we are seeking radical breakthroughs in spin based device technologies. One of our research visions is to use artificial spin systems as a platform for efficient and powerful data analysis at all scales, ranging from low power computation in the simplest sensor node to accelerated data processing in the most complex supercomputer.

We are currently looking for a PhD candidate to explore 2D artificial spin systems and explore the case for such systems to be harnessed for data processing. This position is part of the EU funded SpinENGINE project where researchers from Universities of Ghent and Sheffield, ETH Zurich and IBM jointly pursue a new approach to computing based on emergent properties, i.e., complex, non-linear behaviour in tunable ensembles of nanomagnets.

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