PhD Position in heterogeneous catalysis

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Deadline: 28 Nov 2020

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About the position

The Department of Chemical Engineering has a vacancy for a PhD Candidate within the field of heterogeneous catalysis.

The position is part of iCSI (industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation), a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) funded by the Research Council of Norway and key industry partners together with NTNU and SINTEF. .

In this project we seek a candidate that will help us provide fundamental experimental data for important catalytic reactions using the In Situ Mass Analyzer (ISMA), combined fixed-bed reactor and microbalance, developed by SINTEF. ISMA is based on the same principle as Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) which is a powerful technique for studying important phenomena such as reaction kinetics, mechanisms, catalyst deactivation, diffusion in porous materials and adsorption, absorption and desorption. ISMA has wide application in industrial catalytic reactions: Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) over nickel catalysts (carbon and thresholds); Ethene oligomerization over various zeolites; CH4 decomposition to (nano)carbon and hydrogen; Pre-reforming of C1 –C3 mixtures over Ni catalysts; Dry (CO2) reforming of CH4 to synthesis gas over nickel catalysts; Adsorption (CO2) enhanced steam reforming (AER); Methanol To Olefins (MTO); Dehydrogenation over chromium oxide and Pt based catalysts.

Some travelling is to be expected in the position, to national or international conferences. A conventional fixed-bed reactor will be available at NTNU for regular catalytic testing and the ISMA will be located in Oslo, so some research stay at SINTEF (Oslo) is to be expected.

The Catalysis group at NTNU is one of 4 research groups in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU. Our focus is on heterogeneous catalysis, and in addition to fundamental work we study applications related to industrial chemistry, environmental protection, and renewable energy.

More information about the group is available here:

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