PhD Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Society: Science and Technology Studies

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture,  University of Oslo has a vacant three years position as PhD research fellow (SKO 1017) affiliated with the research area “Artificial Intelligence and Society”. The project is part of the Norwegian Centre for Artificial Intelligence Innovation (NorwAI), funded by the Research Council of Norway and led by prof. Susanne Bauer .

The candidate will be part of NorwAI’s research area “Artificial Intelligence and Society”, involving TIK and center coordination at NTNU Trondheim as well as a larger network of partners. The candidate will be enrolled in the PhD program of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the TIK-Centre’s research training program. The purpose of the position is to complete a dissertation within the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) that qualifies for the Ph.D. degree at the University of Oslo during the hiring period. The candidate will be part of TIK’s research group in Science, Technology and Culture (VTK) and is expected to contribute actively and productively to the research area “Artificial Intelligence in Society” as well as the broader academic and social environment at TIK. Residence in or close to Oslo during the duration of the project is thus expected.

The PhD project is linked to the part of the research area that will undertake research into the social shaping of AI and interact with partners in the innovation areas within NorwAI. The PhD candidate will be conducting research on networks of actors and digital devices and practices. In terms of methods, this may include ethnography (both on-site and digital), interviews, document analysis as well as participatory methods and public engagement.  

The specific design of the PhD project, such as the choice of case, methods and theoretical framework, will depend on the candidate’s academic background and project proposal, and will be developed together with the project leader. The project may include international mobility. The position might include teaching, grading etc. at TIK in which case the project will be extended accordingly up until a maximum of 4 years.

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