Phyllis Irene Grey Fellowships in Veterinary Science - Postgraduate

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Closing date: 10/01/2020   

These Fellowships are established under the terms of the Will of the late Phyllis Irene Grey.

1. There shall be Fellowships to be called the Phyllis Irene Grey Fellowships in Veterinary Science.

2. The Fellowships shall be open to female Veterinary Science students with a particular interest in animal health research.

3. The Fellowships shall be used -

(a) to pursue a course of study in research into animal health for the Bachelor of Philosophy into animal health;

(b) to pursue a course of study towards a postgraduate degree or diploma in research into animal health;

(c) to assist in the payment of education towards the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree.

4. The Fellowships shall be awarded annually and shall have a maximum value of up to $3,000 per annum. A lesser or greater amount may apply depending on the available income, or proportion which may also be used to support the research of the recipient, this to be nominated at the time of the award.

5 If, for any reason, there are no applicants, or applicants are deemed unsuitable, the income shall be accumulated and according to the judgment of the University, either more Fellowships or a Fellowship of greater value shall be offered later.

6. The Fellowships shall be awarded on the recommendation of the Executive of the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences.

7. Application forms are available from the Research and Postgraduate Studies Office, IVABS, and should be submitted to the Scholarships Office by 10 January each year. However, in special circumstances and when finance permits consideration may be given to applications received other than by the normal closing date.

8. Applicants should include in their application, their curriculum vitae, academic record and any material establishing financial need.

All applications are acknowledged by email.

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