IVABS Internship / Post-graduate Diploma Scholarship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

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The purpose of this IVABS Scholarship is to support a one year period of internship training, and to encourage postgraduate study in: small animal medicine andsurgery. An internship serves as a foundation for further specialist veterinary training or as the basis for an academic career in veterinary science.

The key objectives of the programme are:

To develop expertise at diagnosing and managing surgical diseases of the dog and cat, including a sound knowledge of the clinical examination, diagnostic aids and clinical and tissue pathology.
To provide post-graduate clinical training in internal medicine and surgery as a basis for a personal study program towards Australian College of Veterinary Scientists Membership examination.
To develop the ability to critically evaluate the current veterinary literature as it relates to clinical medicine and surgery.
To contribute to this literature at an international standard by producing a peer-reviewed article.Attainment of a Post-graduate Diploma in Science(Veterinary ) by production of a thesis and completion of paper requirements.

Expectations of the Scholar

The Scholar will be expected to:

develop skills in the diagnosis and management of clinical cases in small animal surgery, medicine and critical care.
become proficient in clinical problem solving, and nurture an understanding of pathophysiology and clinical research.
complete scholarly research in an area of small animal internal medicine or surgery under the supervision of senior mentors.
develop skills in anaesthesia, radiology and advanced imaging of dogs and cats
acquire, with supervision and training, good skills in teaching undergraduate veterinary students in the diagnosis and management of clinical cases. Teaching skills will extend from hands on clinical training of veterinary students, and small group tutorials/practical sessions, to a limited number of formal didactic lectures to veterinary nurses.
develop an in-depth knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of disease in dogs and cats.
contribute to the referral internal medicine and surgery, and primary accession services offered to patients of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (MUVTH).
contribute to the after-hours and overnight critical care services offered to patients of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (MUVTH).


Details of the programme are as follows:

1.The scholar will work as an intern veterinarian in the MUVTH. He or she will be rostered between a) primary accession medicine (community practice) and b) referral surgery. The scholar will work under direct supervision of senior clinicians including both NZ registered specialists and non-specialist clinicians.
2.In addition, the scholar will complete supervised training periods in diagnostic imaging and anaesthesia.
3.The scholar will be required to work at the Palmerston North SPCA clinic, the MUVTH desexing clinic and participate in non-recovery live-animal surgical laboratories for undergraduates.
4.A Post-Graduate Diploma dissertation (60 credit) shall be produced by the scholar. From the thesis it is expected that one peer reviewed first author publication will be produced.
5.The scholar shall be enrolled in a post-graduate veterinary science paper at advanced degree level (60 credits). This will require the candidate to pursue a course of independent study. Assessment will be by two x 3 hour examinations at the end of second semester.

6.The Scholar will be expected to provide emergency after-hours coverage for the community practice and to assist with patient treatment schedules at night and on weekends as required.
7.The Scholar will prepare and deliver lectures, tutorials and practical classes for veterinary and veterinary nursing students, as required.
8.The Scholar will attend and contribute to Clinical Rounds, Journal Clubs, Book Clubs and similar academic pursuits as appropriate.
9.The Scholar shall ensure that all teaching, research and other activities that involve the use of animals or their tissues are conducted according to the laws of New Zealand and conform to the requirements of the Massey University Code of Ethical Conduct for the use of Live Animals for Teaching and Research.
10.Speaking engagements and submission of articles into non-peer reviewed journals are expected of the Scholar as a representative of Massey University.
11.Carry out other relevant duties as reasonably specified by the Institute Head.

The duration of the programme is one year. The value of this Scholarship will be thirty-four thousand (NZ$34,000) dollars per annum (tax free) for one year. In addition to the emolument, the scholarship shall cover tuition fees for an PGDipVCSc at the domestic student fee level. Please note if the successful applicant/s is not eligible for the domestic fees, then they will need to pay the difference between international and domestic fees

The Scholarship shall be tenable at Massey University, Palmerston North.

The Scholar shall be required to devote the whole time during the tenure of the Scholarship to the internship and research programme, and providing clinical service and student instruction. The Scholar shall not undertake any additional paid employment, except with the consent of the Head of Institute at IVABS.

The Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences does not guarantee that the Scholar will be given employment at the termination of this Scholarship.

The Scholarship is open to graduates who hold a BVSc or equivalent degree, and are registrable as a practicing veterinarian in New Zealand, and who qualify to register as a scholar for the degree of Post Graduate Diploma of Science (Veterinary Science) (PGDipVCSc). The academic programme will be directed towards preparing the intern for residency application. The program will suit veterinary graduates who have completed at least 6 months clinical experience in companion animal practice.

In determining the suitability of a scholar for the Scholarship, the Selection Committee shall take into consideration the scholar’s academic record, the referees’ comments and any other relevant information that has been provided. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.

The Scholarship shall be awarded by the Graduate Research School on the recommendation of the IVABS selection committee.

Payment of Award
Payment will be made monthly into a nominated bank account.

The applicant shall repay Massey University for any IVABS Internship Scholarship money paid to the applicant by Massey University subsequent to the date the applicant, for whatever reason, ceases to be actively involved in full time study in his/her approved programme of research.

Should the applicant withdraw, for whatever reason, from his/her approved programme of research, Massey University may, by written notice to the applicant at the applicant's last known address, require the applicant to repay Massey University the full amount of the IVABS Internship Scholarship money paid to the applicant by Massey University during the tenure of the IVABS Internship Scholarship, in which case the applicant shall repay Massey University such amount.

IVABS Internship Scholarships may be terminated or suspended at any time at the discretion of Massey University for the following reasons:
1.lack of satisfactory academic progress in the applicant's approved programme of research; or
2.breach by the applicant of any of Massey University's rules or regulations.
In such circumstances Massey University may, by written notice to the applicant at the applicants last known address, require the applicant to repay Massey University the full amount of the IVABS Internship Scholarship money paid to the applicant and in which case the applicant shall repay Massey University such amount.

Every person who wishes to be considered for the IVABS Scholarship should apply on the application form provided.

The application should be accompanied by:

1.Application form
2.A certified copy of the scholar’s academic record (only if study has been undertaken at a university other than Massey University).
3.A statement outlining your past and present extracurricular activities, and any other particulars that may prove useful to the selection committee.
4.A statement of proposed future occupation

Scholars should ask two persons to forward referees’ reports on the scholar’s qualifications and abilities directly and confidentially to the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North.

Informal enquiries can be addressed to either

Andrew Worth
Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
a.j.worth@massey.ac.nz ph: 64 6 350 5329

Janet Molyneux
Director, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
ph: 64 6 350 5329

Closing Date
10th June 2011. (Required start date 4 July 2011)

All applications are acknowledged by email.

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