Visitors Travel Grant

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Visitors Travel Grant
Line of action : Consolidating strengths
Secretariat : NWO
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Researchers in the Netherlands can apply for a visitors grant for the benefit of highly qualified foreign senior researchers holding a PhD for a stay of a maximum duration of 6 months.

The NWO Visitors Travel Grants programme is designed to encourage visits to the Netherlands by highly qualified foreign researchers in order to advance international cooperation by Dutch researchers and to enable foreign researchers to familiarise themselves with Dutch research and the research infrastructure of the Netherlands.

The purpose of the Visitors Travel Grants programme is to promote international cooperation between researchers in the Netherlands and elsewhere and to promote knowledge of Dutch research in other countries. The aim of the programme is to increase the expertise and knowledge of the Dutch research team concerned.

The programme provides the opportunity to apply for a grant to help fund a visit by a highly qualified foreign researcher which will make a vital contribution to the progress of a clearly delineated current scientific research project in the Netherlands.

Who can apply

The Dutch host/hostess with a permanent contract at one of the Dutch universities, KNAW institutes, NWO institutes, NKI and MPI Nijmegen.

What can be applied for

  • A contribution towards the accommodation costs
  • International travel costs

When can be applied

Applications can be submitted the whole year round. The processing time is no longer than five months.


  • Quality of the applicant
  • Quality and seniority of the visiting researcher;
  • Quality and feasibility of the work plan for the work visit in relation to the time period requested;
  • Importance of the work visit for the progress of the current research project.


Assessment will take place through peer review.


Grants committee

Additional information

120,000 euro per half year.


Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

  • Ms W.F. Geldof
    phone: +31 (0)70 344 05 27, e-mail:
  • Mw. S. Krapels
    phone: +31 (0)70 349 44 37, e-mail:


Visitors Travel Grant | brochure
This document (PDF, 4 pages) contains information for applying for a Visitors Travel Grant.
Documentation for applying electronically
Visitors Travel Grant application form
This document (Word, 3 pages) contains the application form for a Visitors Travel Grant.

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