Two postdoc positions in high resolution polar climate modelling (1.0 FTE) (# of pos: 2)

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 02 Jul 2021

The climate of the polar regions is changing and will continue to change more in the future. These changes directly affect local communities, but indirectly also the rest of the world by changed weather patterns, enhanced global warming, and/or rising sea levels. Despite our growing understanding of the Earth’s climate and increasing computer calculation power, projections are surrounded by uncertainties. We don’t know how fast and to which extent humankind can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also unknown, for example, if the general circulation patterns in the Northern Hemisphere will change in a warmer climate with reduced sea ice; or if the Antarctic sea ice will decline in the future as all GCMs predict virtually, unlike what we have witnessed in the past four decades in which the Antarctic sea ice underwent no structural change.

As the successful applicant(s) in this project, within in the European project PolarRES, you will study various aspects of the complex polar atmosphere-ocean-ice system from an atmospheric perspective and derive and analyse projections of the future climate of both polar regions, using various emission pathways and climate change storylines. The core model in this project is the state-of-the-art polar regional climate model RACMO2. In addition, the non-hydrostatic version of HCLIM will be used.

The project can be broken into two closely linked projects. The first project starts with optimizing the latest RACMO2 version for the PolarRES core tasks, and, possibly, refining a few polar-related physical processes. Next, high-resolution simulations of the contemporary climate are derived and analysed with, for example, a focus on clouds. Finally, storyline-based high-resolution projections for either Antarctica or the Arctic are made and analysed. The second project starts with exploring HCLIM for a region in West Antarctica, with a focus on the interaction between orography and precipitation and atmosphere-ocean-sea ice processes. In the second phase, storyline-based projections with RACMO are derived and analysed for either the Arctic or Antarctica.

These positions are part of PolarRES, an EU funded H2020 project. International collaboration with the PolarRES partners concerning model support, model analysis, and dissemination is an integral part of these projects.

We aim to start the project on 1 September 2021.

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