Two PhD Candidates in Physical Chemistry for the European "CATCHY" Consortium (1.0 FTE)

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      • User station 6: FELion 4K trap machine
      • User station 8: Multi-purpose station with optical table
      • User station 9: Molecular beam instrument for cluster spectroscopy
      • User station 9: Quadrupole ion trap MS for IR ion spectroscopy
      • User station 10: FTICR Mass Spectrometer for ion spectroscopy studies
      • User station 11: Ultrafast laser systems
      • User station 12: Pump-probe station
      • User station FELICE 1: Intracavity molecular beam instrument for spectroscopy of strongly bound clusters and ions
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FELIX Laboratory About FELIX Vacancies
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  • PhD position: IR-FEL based sum-frequency generation (SFG) as diagnostic for reactive adsorption
  • PhD position: Understanding bifunctional reaction mechanisms in CO2  hydrogenation on free clusters
    For more information on these two positions, please contact Joost Bakker

No suitable vacancies, but interested in working or doing an internship at FELIX Laboratory? You can always send us an email ( ) with your motivation.

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  • About the FELIX Laboratory
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