The Department Methodology and Statistics at Maastricht University has a vacancy for a PhD...

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 07 Jul 2021

Before new measurement instruments and procedures are being used in daily practice, it is essential to assess their reliability and validity. Setting up a reliability study is not an easy task as many design factors are involved. As illustrative example, consider pulmonary auscultation where lung sounds are analyzed at different places of the lungs. To set up a reliability study in that setting, researchers should choose e.g. the number of observers making the assessment, the type of observers (e.g. experienced/unexperienced), the number of replicated measurements made by each observer, the lung places where the sounds will be sampled and the number of patients.

The PhD candidate will develop statistical methods to determine optimal designs when planning reliability and agreement studies. In particular, the aim will be to achieve a desired level of precision of reliability/validity/agreement estimates at minimum study costs. Further, a stand-alone app or software will be created to reach researchers developing measurement instruments.

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