Sino-Dutch Scholarship

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Sino-Dutch Scholarship

The Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship programme is a Dutch-Chinese scholarship programme. Every year 25 Dutch and 25 Chinese students are offered a scholarship by the ministries of education of the People's Republic of China and the Netherlands.

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About this scholarship

The Sino-Dutch scholarship programme focuses on excellent Chinese 3rd-year bachelor, master or PhD students who want to study or do research in the Netherlands for at least 1 academic year.

The scholarship consists of a contribution of € 16,113 per year towards the total costs of a study or research in the Netherlands.

The China Scholarship Council (link is external) (CSC) is responsible for the pre-selection of candidates. Nuffic administrates the scholarship programme and is responsible for the final selection of the candidates. Nuffic will also inform the candidates concerning the definite selection.

Obligations for scholarship holders

Certain obligations apply to the scholarship. Please read these carefully and consult CSC for additional criteria or conditions.

Obligations for scholarship holders Sino-Dutch - Chinese students (105.1 kB)

Code of conduct

Nuffic or programmes managed by Nuffic may not be involved in activities involving unacceptable behaviour. It can be about Interpersonal or financial misconduct or abuses of power. Nuffic has an Integrity Code of Conduct to combat unacceptable behaviour. In addition, activities involving the following situations/behaviour are considered unacceptable:

  • bankruptcy, insolvency or winding-up procedures;
  • conduct related to a criminal organisation;
  • money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • terrorist offenses or offenses linked to terrorist activities;
  • irregularity;
  • creating a shell company;
  • being a shell company.

When we implement our programmes, we acknowledge our Code of Conduct. In our Code of Conduct we describe how we put our mission and values into practice every day. We explain the professional and ethical behaviour that is expected from all of us and those who handle Sino-Dutch scholarships.

Read our Code of Conduct (link is external) .

How to apply
Who can apply

The Sino-Dutch scholarship programme focuses on excellent Chinese 3rd-year bachelor, master or PhD students who want to study or do research in the Netherlands for at least 1 academic year.

The following criteria apply for candidates:

  • You are between 18 and 35 years old at the start of the study in the Netherlands (BA/MA candidates); the age limit for PhD candidates and visiting scholars is 50.
  • You have the Chinese nationality and you are a permanent resident of China (living/working/studying in China) at the time of scholarship application.
  • You are (conditionally) admitted to the programme for which you request the scholarship (MA/BA students).
  • You are invited to do research or a complete PhD trajectory (PhD students/visiting scholars).
  • Your BA/MA programme / research starts in academic year 2022-2023, but not later than 1 January 2023.
  • The study/research for which you request the scholarship is a BA programme (final 2 years), an MA programme, a PhD trajectory (degree) or PhD level (visiting scholar).
  • The BA/MA programme is registered in CROHO (BA/MA candidates).
  • The Dutch institution has signed the Code of Conduct (link is external) .
  • The BA/MA programme or PhD trajectory is at least one (academic) year (12 months) and subsequent (if applicable) years must consist of whole years as well.
  • The study programme or research for which you would like to receive the scholarship has a maximum duration of 4 years.
  • You are nominated by CSC for the Sino-Dutch scholarship.

Where can you study?

The Netherlands has various types of higher education institutions. The quality is guaranteed through a national system of regulation and quality assurance. Read more about the various institutions for higher education (link is external) .

Visit the Studyfinder database (link is external) to find mostly English-taught bachelor or master’s degree programmes offered by Dutch educational institutions.

How to submit your Nuffic application

You have to submit your application both to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and to Nuffic. Please note there is little time to submit your CSC application. Instructions on how to apply at CSC can be found on the CSC website (link is external) .

  • Apply at the Dutch institution for academic admission.
  • Read the application instructions (128.8 kB) carefully.
  • Collect all required documents and information.
  • Apply online (link is external) .
  • Please note: applications can be rejected if they are not complete (if not all the required information or documents are submitted) or if documents are not as requested.

    You also have to submit a copy of your passport for identification purposes. Make sure to submit a safe copy. Cover unnecessary information such as the national identification number and passport photo. A safe copy complies with the rules regarding privacy and prevents misuse of your identity data.


    The deadline to submit an application for application round 2022 is Sunday 27 March 2022.

    The selection procedure

    Candidates are preselected by CSC. Nuffic is responsible for the final selection of the candidates. Each year 25 scholarships are available. A number of these are reserved for scholarship holders whose scholarship will continue into the next academic year.

    The applications of nominated candidates are assessed on the information provided in the application, such as Curriculum Vitae, obtained grades and motivation. This assessment will result in a ranking of applicants. The candidates are then selected starting from the highest ranking person until the maximum number of available scholarships is reached , taking into account the number of scholarships available for new applicants in subsequent application rounds. Next, a number of reserve candidates will be selected.

    After the selection

    Nuffic will inform all nominated candidates of the final selection in the form of a formal grant letter. The selected scholarship holders can then inform the Dutch institution they are selected and, if needed, ask for advice on practical matters such as visa application and housing.

    The scholarship amount will be paid (if applicable per year) by Nuffic directly to the scholarship holders. It will be paid in 3 instalments, spread over the year. Consult the obligations for scholarship holders for more information.

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