Religion in modern society

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Religion in modern society
Part of NWO Theme : Cultural and societal dynamics
Secretariat : GW
Apply : Yes, but invited researchers only
Deadline : 5 March 2013 11:59 hrs


The aim of the programme Religion in modern society is to give an answer to, or to make further analyses of, societal issues concerning religion that play a role in modern Dutch society. Religion is undergoing striking changes. The programme aims to provide a picture of the dynamics of religion and of the directions in which this is moving. Historical and/or international aspects of this dynamicism will be included in this picture.

Grant proposals provide an elaboration of one or more of the following three research fields:
  • unity and division in the modern religious landscape;
  • religious unity and division in modern society;
  • dealing with religious unity and division in the public arena.

Within the programme, collaboration with public organisations and/or companies is obligatory. These partner organisations contribute financially or in kind to the projects and actively participate in the realisation of these.

A detailed description of the programme and the research fields can be found in the call for proposals and the programme document (only in Dutch). Information for partner organisations can be found in the brochure (only in Dutch). A definition of the term religion can be found under documentation.

Who can apply

Senior researchers with an appointment at an institution recognised by NWO can submit a proposal. They should have experience with and expertise in the broad area of religion/religious research.

What can be applied for

The grant is intended for the funding of:

  • Postdoc and PhD researc;
  • Release of applicants from teaching and other responsibilities (‘research leave grant’ of maximum €25,000);
  • Material costs for the research.
Funding proposals can be submitted for research projects on which at least two (part-time) researchers work. Proposals for individual projects cannot be submitted. The grant from NWO is at least €300,000 and at most €400,000.
When can be applied

  • Closing date for the submission of preproposals was 1 November 2012.
  • Closing date for full proposals is 5 March 2013.


For preproposals:

  • (sufficient) promise of scientific quality;
  • societal relevance;
  • added value.

During the selection of the preproposals the distribution of the preproposals across the research fields of the programme will be taken into account.

For full proposals:

  • scientific quality;
  • societal relevance;
  • added value.

A detailed description of the assessment criteria can be found in the call for proposals.


In the programme use will be made of preproposals and full proposals. The submission of a preproposal prior to a full proposal is obligatory.

The preproposals will be selected by the evaluation committee, which during this phase will be made up of scientific members and members from the societal panel.

For the full proposals external experts will advise about each proposal. The applicant may subsequently respond to their reports (rebuttal). Furthermore, the societal panel will advise about the societal relevance of the proposal. The applicant may also respond to this advice. On the basis of the proposals, the referees' reports, the advice from the societal panel and the rebuttal from the applicants the evaluation committee (in this phase made up of scientists) will give an assessment.

A complete overview of the procedure and the timetable can be found in the call for proposals.


As soon as the membership of the evaluation committee and the societal panel are known then this will be announced via the website.

Additional information

The maximum duration of the projects is five years.


NWO Division for the Humanities
Partners (matching per project)

  • Mw. drs. S.A. (Saskia) van de Mortel
    phone: +31 (0)70 344 05 58, e-mail:


Religion in modern society | call for proposals
This document (PDF, 24 pages) contains guidelines for submitting an application.
Religion in modern society | program document
This document (PDF, 11 pages) contains the programme document and general principles of the programme (only in Dutch).
Religion in modern society | partnerinformation
This brochure (PDF, 3 pages) contains information about the collaboration with public organisations and/or companies (only in Dutch).
Religion in modern society | definition religion
This document (PDF, 1 page) contains an explanation of the term religion as used in the programme.
Religion in modern society | Frequently asked questions
This document (in Dutch) contains questions and answers relating to the programme.

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