Postdoctoral Position on Learning and Prejudice

Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 15 Jan 2021

Are you interested in research on social cognition, prejudice, and computation/artificial intelligence? Dr David Amodio at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is looking for a researcher to contribute to his NWO-funded VICI project, How do prejudices become implicit? A social cognitive neuroscience account.

The postdoc will join Dr. Amodio’s dynamic research group at the UvA, working closely on projects with him and his team in Amsterdam, in collaboration with lab members in New York, and participating in weekly lab meetings.

What are you going to do

You will examine the psychological and neural processes through which prejudice and stereotypes are formed, expressed, and propagated in both humans (e.g., through reinforcement learning) and machines (e.g., artificial intelligence) using a combination of behavioural, computational, neuroimaging, and machine learning approaches.

You will be part of the Department of Social Psychology  at the University of Amsterdam , interacting with colleagues and participating in program activities (e.g., brownbag meetings, colloquia, workshops, and local conferences), with opportunities to connect with other departments and organizations at the University of Amsterdam (e.g., the Amsterdam Brain & Cognition Centre, the Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence group)

This position includes allowances for research expenses, including computer and recording materials, participant costs, experimental materials, and travel and subsistence costs towards project-specific travel, including conferences.

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