Postdoc position: Plasma Aided Nitrogen Fixation

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: today

With increasing global interest in renewable energy technology given the backdrop of climate change, storage of electrical energy has become particularly relevant. Most sustainable technologies (e.g., wind and solar) produce electricity intermittently. Thus, converting electrical energy and base molecules (i.e., H2O, N2) into chemical feedstock (e.g. H2, NH3, NOx) is of paramount importance. While H2O splitting is compatible with renewable electricity, N2 fixation is currently dominated by thermally activated processes. This postdoctoral position will focus on the development and evaluation of plasma for nitrogen fixation in a close collaboration with industry.

The research tasks are highly interdisciplinary and will perfectly align with emerging research lines and granted projects at DIFFER.

  • Development and characterization of materials for solid oxide electrolysis cells: electrodes
  • and ionic conducting membranes.
  • Physical-, chemical- and structural characterization (XRD, XPS, SEM).
  • Gas phase analysis of reaction products (GC, MS, FTIR).
  • Preparation of scientific papers and conference communications.
  • Supervision of bachelor and master students.
  • Contribution to the scientific and collaborative research environment at DIFFER.

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