Postdoc position on ice sheet modelling (1.0 FTE)

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 16 May 2021

Ice sheets respond very slowly to changes in the climate system. As a consequence, we need models for ice sheets that can run over long periods of time. During these periods, the sizes of the ice sheets vary from thousands of kilometres in diameter to nearly zero, but the critical processes occur only along the margin of the ice sheets. Accurately modelling these processes requires a high spatial resolution, but the changes in ice sheet geometry imply that the place where one needs this high resolution changes over time. For this reason, we started the development of a highly flexible model based on an irregular triangular grid, with a high resolution where needed (e.g., the grounding line, ice core locations), and low resolution where this is allowed. This model will be used to study geological periods warmer than present-day, and ultimately in the future projections aiming to estimate sea-level rise.

As our successful candidate, you will continue the development of this new ice sheet model. You will collaborate with other IMAU Researchers to improve the model’s representation of different physical interactions between the ice sheets, ocean, climate, and the solid Earth. You will also collaborate with the eScience Centre to improve the computational performance of the model, opening up ways for unprecedented large-scale applications. Lastly, you will use the model to investigate ice sheet evolution during the Middle Miocene and the Mid-Pleistocene Transition: two periods in Earth’s geological past where our understanding of the world’s ice sheets and climate needs to be improved.

We aim to start the project on the 1st of September. This position is funded by NWO.

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