Postdoc position in Electrocatalysis for circular chemistry (1.0 FTE)

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Postdoc position in Electrocatalysis for circular chemistry (1.0 FTE)

Job description

Oxidation reactions are among the most important, but also the most challenging transformations in organic chemistry. Usually they involve the use of excess hazardous chemical oxidants and generate toxic and undesirable byproducts, limiting large-scale applications. Alternative electrochemical methods for selective oxidation are highly desirable, as they would offer access to greener, more atom economical and more sustainable processes.
In this project the Bruijnincx and Thevenon groups collaborate with other public and private partners to develop versatile electrooxidation methodologies to produce novel bioderived building blocks and circular polymers. As a postdoc you work on developing and testing new chemo and regioselective electrodes for the selective oxidation of small molecules as well as large polymers. Informed by theoretical studies, all results will be fed-back into iterative design loops to optimize the energy input, selectivity, and activity of the process.


We are looking for an ambitious, skilled candidate who has:

  • a PhD in electrocatalysis;
  • expertise in material syntheses, surface chemistry, and analytical characterization;
  • experience in polymer chemistry (considered an advantage);
  • experience in modelling and computational chemistry (considered an advantage).

  • the opportunity to work in and with a team of leading experts;
  • a full-time position for 1 year;
  • a full-time gross salary, depending on previous qualifications and work experience, that ranges between €2,846 and €4,490 per month (scale 10) Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities;
  • 8% holiday bonus and 8.3% end-of-year bonus;
  • a pension scheme, partially paid parental leave, and flexible employment conditions based on the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities.

In addition to the employment conditions laid down in the Cao for Dutch Universities, Utrecht University has a number of its own arrangements. For example, there are agreements on professional development, leave arrangements, and sports. We also give you the opportunity to expand your terms of employment via the Employment Conditions Selection Model. This is how we like to encourage you to continue to grow.
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About the organization

The Organic Chemistry & Catalysis (OCC) research group is actively involved with various aspects of catalysis. New organometallic and coordination complexes are designed and synthesized in search of new catalytic properties in, e.g., polymerization, oxidation catalysis, or in the catalytic conversion of biomass. Research is done at the intersection of organic, inorganic and electrochemistry, that is on the design of homogeneous as well as heterogeneous or hybrid catalyst systems that will be used in catalytic organic syntheses, polymerization reactions, and the chemical transformation of renewable feedstocks, such as biomass, CO2 and recycle or waste streams.
At the Faculty of Science , there are 6 departments to make a fundamental connection with: Biology, Chemistry, Information and Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physics. Each of these is made up of distinct institutes that work together to focus on answering some of humanity’s most pressing problems. More fundamental still are the individual research groups – the building blocks of our ambitious scientific projects. Find out more about us .
Utrecht University  is a friendly and ambitious university at the heart of an ancient city. We love to welcome new scientists to our city – a thriving cultural hub that is consistently rated as one of the world’s happiest cities. We are renowned for our innovative interdisciplinary research and our emphasis on inspirational research and excellent education. We are equally well-known for our familiar atmosphere and the can-do attitude of our people. This fundamental connection attracts researchers, professors, and PhD candidates from all over the globe, making both the university and the Faculty of Science a vibrant international and wonderfully diverse community.

Additional information

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact: Dr. Arnaud Thevenon , via .
Do you have a question about the application procedure? Please send an email to .
The selection of candidates will be exclusively based on qualification without regard to gender, religion, or national origin. Candidates should be able to demonstrate motivation and a strong eagerness to learn and have the ability to both work independently and as part of a team.


Everyone deserves to feel at home at our university. We welcome employees with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. If you have the expertise and the experience to excel in this role, then simply respond via the “Apply now” button! Please enclose:

  • your letter of motivation;
  • your curriculum vitae;
  • the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of at least two references.

If this specific opportunity isn’t for you, but you know someone who may be interested, please forward this link to them.

The application deadline is 13/06/2022
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