Postdoc position: Fabrication and characterization of thermal routers based on 2D heterostructures and graphite

Updated: 4 months ago
Deadline: 10 Feb 2022

We envision a candidate that will be using thin-film layer deposition techniques, like Chemical Vapor Deposition, to achieve conformal 2D layers (transitional metal dichacolgenides) on top of graphite. We expect the candidate to be able to conduct thin-film growth in both cleanroom and wet-chemistry labs followed by detailed characterization of physico-chemical and thermal properties of the materials. The thermal characterization will be accompanied multi-physics modelling of the observed behavior, providing new descriptors for the development of advanced thermal conduits. We expect the candidate to interact with the industrial partners of the project, Philips, Thales, VDL and InnoEnergy, for the development of fabrication recipes that can be scaled-up in the future.


The work will be carried out in collaboration between the University of Twente (The Netherlands) (~1.5 - 1.3 year) and the CSIC-Madrid (Spain), from where you will be required to work from for a period as well. (~0.5 - 0.7 year). The work at the University of Twente will be conducted in the Catalytic Processes and Materials group (Dr. ir. J.A. Faria) in the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Thermal and Fluid Engineering group (Prof. G. Brem) in the Faculty of Engineering Technology. In the CSIC-Madrid the work will be supervised by the group FINDER (Dr. M. Muñoz Rojo). You are encouraged to visit the different groups here:

  • [Catalytic Processes and Materials group](
  • [Thermal and Fluid Engineering group](
  • [CSIC-Madrid](

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