Postdoc position 'Ethnographic Study of Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim Couples in The...

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 15 Oct 2021

Jewish and Muslim minorities in The Netherlands are confronted with Islamophobia and Antisemitism while (secularized) Christian privileges prevail. This project explores and compares how Christian-Muslim and Christian-Jewish couples handle this disparity. We focus on material and ritual practices (e.g., circumcision/baptism, Christmas/Hanukkah), as these vital/fundamental practices often reveal unequal power relations. You will participate in a dynamic research-oriented setting where you will work closely together with prof. Moyaert and with the Phd’s (to be hired in January 2022), who will conduct an ethnography respectively of the daily lives of Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim couples in the Netherlands. In this setting you will contribute to the group's research, teaching and valorisation activities (e. g. writing articles, presenting papers, organising workshops, conferences, and so forth). You will also play a leading role in the organization of the activities of research group (invitation of guest speakers, selection of literature, etc.). In return you will be provided with a salary, an office, and access to university libraries. This position also includes ample funding for travel and will allow you to strengthen your skillset and broaden your academic network. Your duties

  • Conduct research on the project's topic, resulting in different peer reviewed journal articles
  • Co-edit a special issue or book Co-organize lectures and a workshop
  • Play a leading role in the organization of the research group
  • Contribute to societal outreach initiatives relevant to the research project

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