Postdoc position Assessing mental workload in athletes using appropriate physiological measures

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 01 Sep 2020

A 16-month postdoc position for 1.0 fte (or alternatively a 20-month postdoc position for 0.8 fte) is available at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Peter Beek, a human movement scientist, Prof. Andreas Daffertshofer, an expert in time-series analysis of physiological signals, and Tobias Heffelaar and Prof. Lucas Noldus of Noldus Information Technology. The post-doc will work both at the VU and at Noldus in Wageningen. The postdoc position is funded by a TTW/NWO Perspectief Grant for a large project aimed at increasing sports participation, performance enhancement and injury prevention coined Citius Altius Sanius (Faster Higher Healthier).

The Research Project
This project aims at evaluating the applicability of a number of physiological measures to reliably and validly assess mentalrelaxation and mental workload levels using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment during physical exercise, as well as during resting periods before and after physical exercise.

In particular, the project seeks to shed light on the potential use of heart rate measures to assess physical training status and exercise intensity, using data collected before and after bouts of physical exercise, and to cross-validate diverse methods for measuring heart rate (e.g. by means of color changes in video footage of faces of humans engaged in strenuous exercise).

The deliverables of the project consist of the development, implementation and validation of a testing paradigm for assessing mental relaxation and mental workload in the context of physical activity, culminating into a run-time relaxation and mental workload toolkit that can be used to monitor and guide athletes and advise training staff.

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