PhD Urban Climate Resilience

Updated: 5 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 13 Jul 2022

Climate is changing, and our cities will have to adapt. Resilience has rapidly risen to the top of the agenda to cope with a changing climate, extreme weather events and ensure the liveability of our cities. However, there are many challenges pertaining to measuring and improving resilience in complex urban systems. What is required is a dynamic framework that combines the social, environmental, and infrastructural factors of resilience vis-à-vis a range of hazards. 

The low-lying delta of the Netherlands is particularly vulnerable, and the high value of assets situated in one of most density populated countries in Europe. Given these challenges, The Netherlands must re-design new urban areas to become more resilient and retrofit its existing real estate to cope with these trends. In addition, urban planning and development are further challenged by a continuous pressure from population growth and housing demand, and important choices must be made where and how to build urban areas in a “climate proof” way to enable sustainable living in the Dutch Delta.

This PhD position is part of the RED&BLUE research initiative, a major new program funded by the Dutch Research Council. This initiative aims to develop transdisciplinary knowledge on climate resilient real estate and infrastructure development.  More information can be found at: . As a member of the RED&BLUE, you will lead high impact research on a pressing societal topic relevant within the Netherlands and beyond. Your research will enable you to actively collaborate with excellent researchers and societal partners, providing you with exceptional mentorship, personal development, and networking opportunities. The consortium, led by the TU Delft, includes more than 30 Dutch and international academic and societal partners from government, finance, development, engineering and beyond. At the university of Maastricht, we will establish a project team across the departments of Digitalisation & Data Analytics and Finance.

Your work will start with collecting historical data on urban infrastructure networks and their evolution, as well as demographic and socio-economic information that allows us to build a resilience metrics and dashboards for selected municipalities in the Netherlands. We will especially investigate the link between urban infrastructure resilience and social resilience, and how it evolves over time and in space. By overlaying the urban resilience results with historical hazard data about past floods and storms, (collected by our project partners at IVM, Amsterdam) and with data on the evolution of real-estate data (collected by the Maastricht team) we will analyse how the different neighbourhoods in a city have recovered from shocks and stresses, and what the impact of disruptions and risks are on real-estate development and prizes. This allows decision-makers and urban planners improve urban resilience. 

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