PhD Ultrafast GaN-Based High-Voltage Pulse Source for Novel Air Cleaning Reactor

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 26 Dec 2021

Air pollution from emissions by various industries is a persistent and major societal problem with serious implications for people's health and pollution in nature. With current technology, many industrial processes, however, are difficult to clean, without consuming large amounts of water and energy. To effectively filter the pollution of processes, a novel technology is being researched and developed at the Eindhoven University of Technology. This technology significantly reduces the energy consumption of filtering, and improves the filtering effectiveness with approximately a factor of 10. If the technology proves to be successful, it is a breakthrough in exhaust and waste gas cleaning.

Within this project, the Power Electronics lab at the Eindhoven University of Technology is looking for a talented PhD-candidate. In this position you will work on the gallium-nitride (GaN) based pulse source that will be used to power an air cleaning reactor. You can unleash and develop your innovative and creative qualities to research, develop, implement, and validate the advanced techniques which are required to power the reactor, which requires pulses with a voltage of several kilovolts with a pulse rise time of less than a nanosecond. Such pulses are an order of magnitude faster than current state of the art, meaning significant technological challenges have to be overcome within the project.

You will work together with the Electrical Energy Systems group of TU/e and several companies, which allows you to exchange knowledge and to broaden your network. Additionally, presenting your findings and ideas to the scientific community is an essential part of your work, for which there are extensive travel possibilities.

Power electronics lab
This project will be carried out in the Power Electronics lab in the faculty of Electrical Engineering. The lab is world-leading in high-precision and high-performance power converters, as well as modeling, control and design techniques for such converters. Both fundamental and applied research is carried out and research collaborations with industrial partners are numerous. We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team, underlined by our regularly organized events and informal atmosphere.

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