PhD student on modelling hip joint growth during childhood

Updated: 5 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 22 Nov 2022

Erasmus MC, in close collaboration with TU Delft, is looking for a PhD student to create a novel hip growth model based on multiple-time point medical images of children and with the help of artificial intelligence techniques. The model will describe the growth of the bones forming the hip joint. The hip growth model will then be used to identify normal and abnormal trajectories of hip development from early childhood to late adolescence.

The PhD student will be responsible for the following tasks: writing detailed study protocols, retrieving clinical imaging data and combining this data with MRI and DXA scans of children, which had been already acquired at multiple time points within the Generation R study, and creating the hip growth model. The student is expected to publish his/her research results in international peer-reviewed journals, present his/her work at international conferences, and write and defend a doctoral dissertation.

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