PhD student @ Maastricht University Campus Venlo

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 17 Dec 2020

Maastricht University campus Venlo focuses on food, nutrition and health. The first life sciences research program that started was the Centre for Health Eating & Food Innovation (HEFI).

HEFI investigates the effects of healthy foods, builds up knowledge about the health effects of food and the development of new nutritional products. The human intervention research in this centre takes place in the research line Food Innovation and Health. This group studies the effects of food innovations on the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases and related symptoms.

The project

The research line Food Innovation and Health is strongly embedded in the region. As a partner of the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, part of the research is constructed with governmental bodies and relevant companies, in a triple helix structure. The PhD candidate will work on the following project.  

The added value of fruit

In a collaboration with the Province of Limburg and Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium), we will study the health aspects of fruit. More specifically, this research project aims to obtain in-depth knowledge on how fruit and its bioactive components affect human metabolic health. To this end, a series of human in vivo intervention studies will be conducted, and in vitro research will be performed to elucidate the underlying mechanisms using dedicated cell lines and standard cell and molecular biology techniques. UHasselt will study the effects of fruit and its bioactive components on neurodegenerative diseases; the selected PhD candidate will give support to that project, by facilitating human trials.

The work in this project includes, but is not limited to, setting up and running human intervention studies, performing in vitro studies, analyzing biomarkers in biological specimen, performing statistical analyses on study outcome parameters, producing scientific manuscripts and submitting these for publication in international peer reviewed scientific journals, and academic teaching at Maastricht University Campus Venlo (approximately 0.1 fte).

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