PhD Student Hematopoietic stem cell ageing

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Deadline: 15 Sep 2019

DepartmentEuropean Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA)Work locationGroningenApply no later than15 September 2019

Working environment

The European Research Institute for the Biology of Aging (ERIBA) is a research institute at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG). ERIBA aims to discover molecular mechanisms of ageing that can be used as targets to prevent or delay age-related diseases. Our research teams are working with different model systems and technology platforms and share their knowledge and expertise to accelerate discoveries. ERIBA is part of the central UMCG campus, located in a vibrant student town in the northern Netherlands. PhD students are enrolled in the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen.

Job description

For a EU-funded International Training Network (ARCH) the Ageing Biology and Stem Cells lab, led by Gerald de Haan in ERIBA, is looking for PhD student with an interest in stem cell biology:

Hematopoietic stem cells decline in function as they age. We have recently been able to identify several dozen transcripts that are consistently affected during HSC aging. For a large number of these newly identified genes no function in hematopoiesis has been described.
In this project the PhD student will molecularly and functionally study most consistent HSC aging related genes. The methods that will be used range from stem cell purification using multicolor flow-cytometry, transplantation into myeloablated recipient mice, qPRC and RNA-Seq based gene expression studies, viral transductions of young and aged to increase or decrease expression of key aging genes, ChiP-seq or ATAC-Seq experiments to determine epigenetic changes, proteome studies to search for protein interaction partners, and bioinformatic approaches to understand and interpret global genome-wide molecular data.
Our overall aim is to understand how HSCs age, and use the knowledge obtained in these studies to identify methods and intervention strategies to improve the functioning of aged HSCs.

We are looking for an ambitious and highly motivated PhD student.

What do we need
  • MSc in bio-molecular sciences, medical biology or related area

  • Experience with molecular and cell biological technologies

  • Inquisitive and independent research attitude

  • Excellent communication skills and a team player

  • Technically apt

The UMCG has a preventive Hepatitis B policy. The UMCG can provide you with the vaccination, should it be required for your position.

In case of specific professions a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ is required.

What do we offer

ITN-ARCH offers:

  • Positions for 4 years with a one-year trial period

  • An international training programme in the field of hematopoiesis and aging

  • Training in research and soft skills, involving both academic and industry sectors

  • A competitive salary, adjusted for the host country

  • A mobility allowance and a family allowance (where applicable) as part of the employment package

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants can be of any nationality

  • They should be within four years of the diploma granting them access to doctorate studies at the time of recruitment

  • The applicant must not have resided for more than 12 months prior to the signing her/his contract in the Netherlands

  • Applicants should be proficient in written and spoken English

More information
For more information about this vacancies you may contact:
Prof. Gerald de Haan, team leader, ERIBA; e-mail: (please do not use e-mail address for applications).

Information about the host lab:
Information about ERIBA:
Information about the University of Groningen:
Information about Groningen:

Applying for a job

Please use the the digital application form at the bottom of this page - only these will be processed.
You can apply until 15 September 2019.
Within half an hour after sending the digital application form you will receive an email- confirmation with further information.

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