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Do you aspire a career in scientific research with direct societal impact? With this project you will study dynamics of iron and red blood cell (RBC) parameters in the Dutch blood donor population, as well as effects of iron management policies, to support policy-making for the blood bank. We are looking for a curious, well-organized and persevering researcher with strong analytical skills to carry out this ambitious research project at Sanquin Research and Blood Bank.

The project: Big Data in Transfusion Medicine– DONOR HEALTH
This project combines epidemiology with data science and hematology, focusing on the following objectives:

1. To investigate dynamics in iron and RBC parameters over repeated donations in relation to donor characteristics (e.g. age, sex, iron and vitamin status, lifestyle behaviours) in an observational setting that also includes low-frequency donations.
2. To define optimal donation frequencies and iron monitoring strategies for pre-specified subgroups of donors based on data from recent studies. This includes sub-questions, such as:

  • Can subgroups of donors be defined that require longer donation intervals, or can safely donate more often?
  • Can alternative measurement strategies accurately and more cost-effectively predict which donors are at risk of becoming iron deficient and/or anaemic?

More information on the project can be found in the project plan, accessible through the following link .

As a PhD student on this multidisciplinary scientific project, your duties are to:

  • Develop an algorithm to optimize and individualize donor iron management policies based on existing literature, as well as on results to be obtained during the project.
  • Collect and analyze data on iron and RBC parameters over repeated donations in collaboration with a biobank coordinator and research technician.
  • Communicate findings of the research project to stakeholders at Sanquin, at (social) media and at scientific meetings and conferences, and
  • Complete a dissertation of a series of articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

The research team:
The project is a collaboration between Sanquin Research and Blood Bank. Donor Studies of Sanquin Research is an internationally recognized center for (blood) donor research. Staff consists of about 16 researchers, including 6 PhD candidates. You will be employed at Sanquin in Amsterdam.
The Iron Expertise Center for disorders of the iron metabolism is an internationally recognized center for diagnosis and treatment of patients with abnormalities in their iron metabolism. This Expertise Center conducts research into diseases of the iron metabolism. The national Expertise Center  for disorders of the iron metabolism is currently gradually being transferred from the Radboudumc to Sanquin.

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