PhD student - biomolecular condensates in gene regulation

Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: today

Gene regulation a major driving force in development and differentiation. Therefore, faulty gene regulation lies at the heart of the majority of diseases. Intracellular signaling coordinates cell behavior and cell identity by directly regulating gene expression and constitutive signaling leads to cancer. So far understanding of the molecular mechanisms that lead to signaling-driven cancer formation are poorly understood. The recent discovery of signaling condensates (“protein droplets”) tells us that these have might an important function in signaling driven-gene regulation. The candidate will study the function of signaling condensates and gene regulation in cancer to gain mechanistic insight and identify potential new therapeutic avenues, using state-of-the-art live cell imaging, genome engineering and organoid culturing approaches.

Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch University Medical Centers. This job is based on a temporary position for 4 years.

Please send applications including your CV with a letter of motivation, a list of publications, and contact details of at least two references.

We believe in the power of a diverse team in which there is room for different skills, expertise, and social and cultural backgrounds. We invite you to respond to this vacancy.

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