PhD Researcher Via Augusta project

Updated: 4 months ago
Deadline: 14 Feb 2022

The NWO/NGinfra VIA AUGUSTA project
TiSEM and TILT are looking for two PhD candidates to join the NWO/NGinfra VIA AUGUSTA project which aims at developing regulatory governance, inter-organisational governance, and IT governance frameworks to coordinate the operators of large Dutch infrastructures such as the roads, rail- and waterways, ports, and electricity networks toward a ‘system-of-systems’ (SoS) approach, as if they were one infrastructure. The focus lies on digitalisation, which on the one hand attempts to speed up this coordination in a cost-effective manner, but which also entails many governance challenges. These challenges are related to IT (e.g., deciding on and coordinating systems, content and flows), the organisations involved (e.g., dealing with differing objectives, sharing investments versus returns), and the regulatory frameworks under which the various infrastructures operate (e.g., dealing with sector-specific laws and regulations, especially in relation to broader welfare aspects of activities and investments).

To handle the challenges, we pursue a SoS approach for enhanced coordination and collaboration (i.e., integration), and specification and allocation of tasks (i.e., differentiation) among the large Dutch infrastructure operators via data sharing to coordinate planning and decision-making. We work with infrastructure managers to advance our knowledge in two areas: (1) in what situations a SoS approach can be meaningful (i.e., leveraging such an approach without compromising individual infrastructures); and (2) how to facilitate such an approach by means of effective IT governance, inter-organisational governance, and regulatory governance frameworks.

The VIA AUGUSTA project is led by Wendy van der Valk and involves a multidisciplinary research team that aims to bring together expertise in the areas of IT governance, inter-organizational governance, and regulatory governance to determine when operating in a coordinated fashion offers potential for the infrastructure operators, and how such potential can be leveraged without (severely) compromising individual infrastructure operators. Experts come from the Information & Supply Chain Management group at the department of Management at TiSEM, and from the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) at the Tilburg Law School. The project furthermore involves close collaboration and co-creation with multiple infrastructure operators, i.e., Alliander, Port of Rotterdam, Prorail, and Rijkswaterstaat. 

More information about Tilburg University , specifically about TiSEM  and TILT  can be found on their respective websites. More information about the vacancies can be obtained from Wendy van der Valk ( ); and Prof. dr. Saskia Lavrijssen ( ) for the PhD position.

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