PhD Research in the Arts

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PhD Research in the Arts
Line of action : Consolidating strengths
Part of NWO Theme : Cultural and societal dynamics
Secretariat : GW
Apply : No, a new round is (still) uncertain


The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and NWO are making funds available for awarding two PhD positions for artists to do PhD research. A work of art is a form of knowledge, which is the result of an artistic research process. Artists can broaden their work of art by carrying out PhD research. Also research and knowledge can thus be presented and clarified in a different manner. With this initiative the Fonds BKVB and NWO want to facilitate research and reflection of artists and art. This is a means of strengthening the link between art and science, and of doing justice to the emerging, innovative research and artistic practices in a changing artistic and academic landscape.

Who can apply

The application must be submitted by the PhD-candidate.

Researchers from abroad may apply

What can be applied for

For each proposal a maximum of € 225,000 can be requested:

Salary costs:

For example:

Based on 1.0 fte for 4 years, or based on 0.8 fte for 5 years:

  • Salary Costs: € 198.532, -
  • Bench fee: € 5.000, -
  • Material costs: € 26.468, -

Based on 0.75 fte for 4 years, or based on 0.7 fte for 5 years:

  • Salary Costs: € 148.899,-
  • Bench fee: € 5.000,-
  • Material costs: € 71.101,-

The bench fee is intended for things such as thesis expenses and visits to conferences (abroad). Material costs are intended for costs that are associated with the proposed research project.

When can be applied

  • Closing date for the submission of preliminary proposals was 1 November 2011, 11:59 hrs.
  • Closing date for the submission of full proposals was 29 March 2012, 11:59 hrs.

After submission applications can no longer be improved or supplemented.

Extra Information

The subsidy round PhD in the Arts consists of two phases, namely a preproposal phase (deadline 1 November 2011, 12.00) and a full proposal phase (deadline March 29, 2012, 12:00).

If there are enough prepoposals of sufficient quality, six applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal.


Research proposals are evaluated using the following criteria:


  • previous results of the applicant (exhibitions, performances, publications, portfolios, research projects);
  • any previous results related to the research proposal;
  • feasibility of the research in terms of experience and training of the applicant.

Research proposal

  • Fundamental principles
    • importance of the proposal within artistic and possible scientific developments;
    • originality/innovative character of the research plan;
    • clarity of the research question
  • Proposed results
    • dissertation;
    • artistic result.
  • Aproach/methodology
    • arguments for the proportion of artistic and discursive aspects of the research;
    • suitability of the proposed approach/methodology;
    • feasibility;
    • thoroughness and phasing of the work plan.
  • Relevance of the research
    • knowledge production and transfer where both these terms are understood in relation to the artistic and academic discourse that the research is related to;
    • current relevant of the research;
    • social, cultural and artistic relevance.


Full information about eligibility, assessment criteria and the evaluation procedure can be found in the call for proposals. In short: the pre-proposals and, in the second phase, the full proposals are assessed by an assessment committee. The assessment committee advises a steering committee. The steering committee decides which applications (2 in total) will be funded.


The steering committee is responsible for the academic content and quality of the subsidy round PhD in the Arts. The proposals will be assessed by an ad hoc assessment committee.

Additional information

The budget for the 2011-2012 call is € 450,000,-. With this two PhD positions can be funded.


The subsidy round PhD in the Arts is funded by:

  • Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architectur;
  • NWO Humanities.

  • Mr P.C. (Coen) Wilders
    phone: +31 (0)70 344 08 33, e-mail:
  • Drs. Steven van Teeseling (Fonds BKVB)
    phone: +31 (0)20 523 15 22, email:


PhD Research in the Arts | call for proposals
This file (PDF, 15 pages) contains the call for proposals, and in the attachment the guidelines, for submitting a proposal PhD in the Arts (Version December, 2011).

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