PhD Position on Probabilistic Anomaly Detection for Online-monitoring in Data-driven Resilient Control

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Deadline: 01 Sep 2021

This PhD project is part of the DIGITAL TWIN Perspectief Program funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) that brings together researchers and organizations from six Dutch universities and seven industrial stakeholders that represent the complete value chain from different industrial sectors (high-tech systems, metal and composite materials) covering model-based design, production, product monitoring and maintenance, along with five knowledge partners that develop and deploy key technologies for high-tech companies.

The goal of DIGITAL TWIN is to enable full digitization of the value chain of high-tech systems and achieve flexible manufacturing systems along with accurate predictive maintenance, by creating a synergy between model-based engineering and data-driven learning approaches. This will be realized by developing reliable and agile digital twins of the industrial processes that enable data analytics with performance and safety guarantees to be used for real-time decision-making.

In addition to developing and testing research methodology and algorithms, the successful candidates will be involved in the interaction with representatives of various industries and stakeholders, and eventual implementation tasks on industrial demonstrators and use cases.

In this PhD project we will develop reconfigurable and self-tuning control systems by integrating system health-monitoring and real-time decision making using both model-based and data-driven approaches in a probabilistically robust framework. A set-based probabilistic approach to optimal fault detection will be pursued using non-convex scenario optimization (combining models and data). This will form the basis for a stochastic moving horizon fault estimator that can be integrated in online optimization-based, reconfigurable controllers in composite manufacturing processes, robotic manipulators, and other high-tech systems and manufacturing applications.

The department Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) of the faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, coordinates the education and research activities in systems and control at Delft University of Technology. The Centers' research mission is to conduct fundamental research in systems dynamics and control, involving dynamic modelling, advanced control theory, optimisation and signal analysis. The research is motivated by advanced technology development in physical imaging systems, renewable energy, robotics and transportation systems.

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