PhD position on anion-exchange membrane water electrolysis

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 30 Nov 2020

Research group

The group sustainable process engineering (SPE) within the faculty of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering develops small scale, intensified and integrated systems for the distributed production of chemicals, with low impact and zero waste. We make use of alternative energy sources like light, electricity and bio-based sources, and we combine these in new reactors capable of continuous, high efficiency production of chemicals. More information can be found at:

RELEASE project and AEM PhD position

The PhD position on anion-exchange membrane water electrolysis is part of the larger RELEASE project, which is a consortium of knowledge institutes and industrial partners. This project aims at improving the performance and reducing the cost of large-scale energy storage that is vital for the transition to sustainable energy. RELEASE will work on new technological possibilities for the short (2030) and long term (2050). The project will focus on hydrogen and hydrocarbon production from CO2 and flow batteries. Related to hydrogen the focus will be on anion-exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolysis, a technology that combines the advantages of the more developed alkaline and PEM technologies, opening the way towards more cost-effective green hydrogen production.

The PhD position on AEM electrolysis will focus on the development of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), integration of these MEAs in electrochemical cells and testing of these cells at different operating conditions. The activities will be carried out in collaboration with the other partners in the RELEASE project.

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