PhD position on AI-guided robotics for surgical navigation: Shared-control and Surgical Cockpit

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 28 Oct 2021

Minimal invasive Image-guided Interventions (MII) is emerging as a new discipline in medicine. To date, no single specialist area has the necessary proficiencies to deliver MII. These interventions are combined with sophisticated imaging technologies, primarily to perform minimally invasive surgery. MII can be characterized by the following key steps: target location, target verification (lesion volume), target destruction, treatment monitoring and verification. Smart Mechatronic Devices can be developed to improve surgeon manipulation skills. It includes dexterous instrument, co-manipulated tool holder. These systems require new intuitive control mode that uses image mentorship, haptic feedback to fit into the clinical workflow. Dedicated man-machine interfaces will allow the user selecting the appropriate assistance.

This project is part of European consortium that includes industrial, clinical and academic partners from the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and Belgium.

About the position:
Path planning algorithms are well developed, however visualizing the planned trajectory and giving feedback to the physician to mentor the interventional procedure are still limited. Augmented Reality and Haptic feedback offer a promising platform during robotic assisted treatment by providing the operator with visual feedback and haptic feedback about the planned trajectory. Additionally, the haptic feedback can give the clinical operator feedback about the interaction forces between the interventional tool and the surrounding tissue. This will increase the safety and minimize the chances of damaging sensitive tissue by the interventional tools.

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